July 22, 2024

Inflact: Story Viewer, Video Downloader, Hashtag Generator

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In this era of competition, each person wants to be first in the race. There is so much war in the world of social media. Every influencer wants to grow on instagram on the top. As instagram is widely used social media sites in the world. So here we have a website in our suggestions, that is “Inflact”. This site might be helpful to you, not only in growing an instagram account but also in other ways. To know those ways, you need to go through this article till the end.

Know About Inflact

Inflact works as a complete Instagram toolkit. It offers tools for automation and growth on Instagram. This also has online services like an Instagram downloader and viewer. Before it was known as Ingramer, later it changed its name in October 2020. The relaunch aimed to expand its services beyond only bots. The main office is in Riga, Latvia, and has a small team with it. This has found over 10.7 million visits every month. The tools on the platform use AI to make smarter interactions on Instagram. It helps regular users, content creators, marketers, and businesses.

Free Tools Offered by the Inflact

Inflact offers many free tools which can assist Instagram users in different things. Here are the list of these tools:

  • Account Viewer: This tool allows a user to search and view Instagram content. One does not need to log in to use it. Person can see posts and videos only by entering a username, and even save them with a right click.
  • Story Viewer: inflact offers a hidden viewer for Instagram stories. This can allow users to browse content without leaving a trace. The feature enables careful monitoring of updates on the platform. Also make sure of privacy while staying informed.
  • Instagram Downloader: One may download various types of Instagram content. These include profile pictures, posts, videos, reels, and IGTV. Users can save content for later viewing.
  • Trending Hashtag Generator: The hashtag generator might help you find relevant hashtags. You only need to input keywords or upload a photo, and it starts generating. It also shows trending hashtags and allows you to save and organise them.
  • Analyzer and User Search: With the help of Analyzer service you can analyse Instagram profiles. This can help you to get the info about engagement rates, popular post times, and top hashtags. The user search tool can help you find influencers or competitors based on specific criteria.
  • Font Generator: This tool converts text into stylish fonts. So you may create visually appealing captions and bios for your Instagram profile.

Inflact Monetization Plan 

  • The platform makes money through both paid services and free tools. The paid services include features like automation for sticking out to audiences, engaging through direct messages, and scheduling posts. These services come in different packages and can be customised to fit different needs.
  • They also offer free tools like an Insta viewer, photo saver, and hashtag generator. These tools can help to attract a lot of users to the website. Once they are there, the site can offer them paid services too.
  • According to research the most popular pages on the website are the ones with these free tools. This shows that a lot of people are using them. Additionally, many users search for the brand name every month. It has growing popularity.

Marketing Services of Inflact

The website offers a range of services to help users grow their presence and engagement. These services include Promo Service, Direct Message, and Auto Posting. Let us break down each service to get more of it:

  • Promo Service: This service focuses on automating interactions on Instagram. These are like liking posts, following and unfollowing users, and viewing stories. It wants to copy natural human behaviour to avoid violating Instagram’s rules. Users can set filters based on hashtags, locations, or target users to engage with.
  • Direct Message Service: DM service does direct messaging on Instagram. It can send pre-build messages to new followers or respond to specific keywords used by users. This helps in saving time by handling repetitive tasks, but users need to be careful to not to be too robotic.
  • Auto Posting Service: This service allows users to schedule posts in advance. It keeps up with various types of content like photos, videos, stories, and carousels. People can edit posts, add hashtags and locations, and plan their Instagram grid for an appealing profile.


This article is all about “Inflact” that offers a comprehensive Instagram toolkit. It provides automation, growth tools, and online utilities like an Instagram downloader and viewer. It is based in Riga, Latvia and has a small team. Also it attracts over 10.7 million visits monthly. The platform’s AI powered tools aim to ease smarter interactions on Instagram. It caters to content creators, marketers, and businesses. This might be helping them enhance their Instagram presence.

This platform monetizes through both paid services and free tools. The paid services include automation for audience engagement, direct messaging, and post scheduling. Free tools help to attract users to the website. The marketing services assist users in growing their Instagram presence. These services automate interactions while maintaining authenticity. Additionally, they have some free tools to enhance the user experience. It can be a nice and go to platform for the people who want to be in everyone’s eye. But remember to always take safety measure to prevent any harm.


  • Is it legitimate?

To deliver the services, it has high ratings, which is 4.5/5 on Trustpilot. But, users must be aware of the Terms of Service, especially of content downloading and automated interactions.

  • What are the pricing options here?

This site offers three main packs. These packs are Basic, Advanced, and Pro, ranging from $54 to $84 per month. Also, users can customise their packs by selecting specific modules at different prices.

  • What services does this site offer?

The offer has a range of services like automation for audience engagement, direct messaging, and post scheduling. Also some free tools like an Instagram downloader and viewer.

  • Are there any extra charges for specific features?

Yes, users can choose individual modules at different prices starting from $3 to $54.

  • Is VPN included in the pricing?

Yes, VPN is included for free in the main packs, but for customized packs, it is charged at $10.

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