July 22, 2024

Tips And Tricks To Increase Your CSGO FPS

3 min read

Getting high frame rates in CS2 translates to smooth gameplay. But increasing your CS2 framerate isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can give it a significant boost without purchasing new hardware. 

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Try Adjusting Your In-Game Video Settings 

If you haven’t already, adjust your in-game video settings. Tweaking these settings will have the biggest effect on the frame rate. If you have every setting set to max or ultra, bring them down one by one. 

While doing this, you need to keep on checking how much CSGO FPS has increased after lowering a certain setting. Lowering the shadow quality, disabling AA, and lowering the texture quality will help improve the CS2 FPS the most. 

Make Sure To Close Background Applications 

Background applications are your biggest enemy. If they are open in the background, they will keep consuming resources and will not let CS2 use the amount it deserves. Closing these applications can significantly improve the CSGO FPS, and we recommend using the Task Manager for this purpose. Simply open it, select applications that you don’t need, and click on ‘End Task.’ This will close them instantly.

Make Sure Your GPU Drivers Are Updated 

GPU drivers are meant to be updated regularly. New updates bring fixes for bugs and performance issues. If you have not updated your drivers in a while, you should do it right now to see an increase in CS2 FPS. We recommend downloading the dedicated application of your GPU, like the GeForce Experience app or AMD Radeon Software, as they let you download the updates quickly.


While those with Nvidia Reflex have been reporting problems in CS2, AMD users are reporting the opposite with AMD FSR. This feature can be enabled directly from the settings and it will improve the number of CSGO 2 FPS you’re getting in the game. You can try out different FSR options and select the one that gives you the highest Counter Strike 2 FPS. 

Consider Upgrading Your Components 

If nothing is improving the FPS in CS2, then it may be time to get better components for your PC. RTX 3080 and RTX 4070 are great choices for getting high FPS in most games, especially CS2. 

They may cost a lot, but you’ll need them if you want to play CS2 at high graphical settings. We also suggest getting at least 16GB of RAM and a powerful processor to pair with the GPU, one that can handle CPU-intensive games and tasks smoothly. 


Playing CS2 with high frame rates can make a huge difference. The tips and tricks mentioned in this guide can help you achieve that, however, if you’re still struggling with climbing CS2’s rankings, consider checking out U7BUY’s CS2 boosting service!