July 22, 2024

What is the Best Keyword for a Backlink?

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Best Keyword for a Backlink

Backlinking is the most important off-page SEO strategy to boost your website ranking. Building high-quality links allows your website to achieve a top position in the SERP. However, choosing the right keywords for backlinks is essential to run your SEO campaign successfully. If the irrelevant keywords are wrong, your content may attract low-value traffic.

The importance of backlinks in SEO 

Backlinks help your website gain credibility and authority from the search engine’s perspective – this is just the start of the importance of backlinks in SEO. Every backlink allows the search bot to consider the content useful and valuable. So, higher quality backlinks to your site drive your website to a higher rank. Google already made several modifications to algorithms. Still, backlinks remain the main ranking signal. A single, quality backlink is better than several low-quality backlinks. Thus, find keywords that bring qualified traffic to your website. Insert keywords properly into your content and make your backlinking campaign more effective.

Find a guide to choosing keywords for your backlinks below: 

Look for low-competition terms

Competition level is the most significant factor when choosing keywords. You have to select keywords that are not super competitive. MozBar lets you check the competition level and keyword difficulty score. Another relevant factor for choosing keywords is the domain authority or page authority. DA or PA shows the overall authority of a website from Google’s perspective.

Determine the search volume

The keyword research tool allows you to see the number of people searching for keywords. For instance, Google Keyword Planner lets you check the average monthly searches of every keyword in the list. However, remember that the minimum search volume is different for every industry. For example, if you have a B2B niche, the search volume of 25k/month is very high. On the contrary, it is quite low for B2C businesses, such as fitness.

Identify earning potential

This is another important factor when choosing keywords for backlinking. If your keyword has a strong buyer intent, the estimated bid will be comparatively high. A keyword that is more closely related to your services or products ensures a higher chance of converting a searcher into a customer.

Look for trending keywords

Google Trends is the best tool for finding trending keywords for your SEO or backlinking campaign. It lets you pick keywords, which have gained higher popularity in recent years. If the keyword’s popularity has been stable for the last few years, it is a positive sign.

Learn about the business potential of your keywords

The term ‘business potential’ indicates whether it would be lucrative to rank a keyword for your business. If the user intent is related to an e-commerce category or product page, you should determine whether you sell a similar product. So, relevant keywords have a high business potential. But, in case of an informative blog post, you will need to pitch your service or product naturally.

So, you can now search for the best keywords for your backlinking campaign. Hire the most efficient SEO professionals to do keyword analysis, and insert the keywords properly into your content.