July 22, 2024

How to Earn Money from Playlistpush. com

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Everyone loves to listen to music. One might know about Spotify too. We enjoy it. But never has any financial profit from it. As not so many people are aware of anything like this. There are sites to earn by only listening to music. One of those sites, called playlistpush.com. In these paras, you will learn more about it. So you can decide if it is right for you.

What is Playlistpush. com?

PlaylistPush .com is like a helper for new musicians. It pays you to listen to new songs and give feedback. It helps to link them up with people. And helps artists find new fans and lets famous playlist makers earn money. Those who make playlists on Spotify and videos on TikTok. If these playlist makers and video creators like a song. They might include it in their playlists or videos. This helps artists get more attention and become popular. It can help them in their music careers over playlistpush com.

Making Money By playlistpush .com

  • You can make money by being a Spotify playlist maker or a TikTok creator. But, it is hard to get in if you do not have many followers. on playlistpush.com As a playlist maker, when an artist puts out their song, you can add it to one of your Spotify playlists. You may earn up to $15 for each song you review. As long as more people listen to it.
  • If you are a TikTok creator, you might make up to $250. It is for each song you share in your videos. Only need to pick a song you like. Then put it in your video to promote it. The more people like your video, the more money you can make. Video creators can also choose PayPal or Venmo to get their money.

But, it is a must to know that you will not start making money right away.

Process to Follow for Earning on Playlistpush .com

As we have  mentioned about the pricing and a glimpse of earning money through the site. Here are the steps mentioned below that you can use to understand the process briefly: 

  • Song Review: After being the playlist push.com curator you will get the songs for reviewing them and with the given guidelines. 
  • Creating Tik Tok Videos: Along with song review, you can earn by making Tik Tok Videos with the help of given music from the platform. 
  • Referral Program: To make more money you can choose the third option of the site. Here you have to refer to the platform to your family and friends to tell them to join it. This will help you to get more income.

How to Join Playlistpush. com?

To join, Playlist Push one needs to follow some process. It involves a hard screening process. With distinct needs for TikTok creators and Spotify curators. Unfortunately, these have limiting opportunities. It is only for the individuals who live in North America or Europe. To become a Spotify curator, applicants must meet specific criteria. This includes playlist follower count, active listener numbers, and adherence to guidelines. Same for TikTok creators. They need to fulfil at least one follower. Also engagement thresholds. The geographic restrictions may limit opportunities. Especially for creators outside North America and Europe.

For Spotify Playlist Curators:

Here are some rules to make sure. Before you apply for it, get to know of these:

  1. Followers count: You need at least 1,000 followers for each playlist.
  2. Active members: Your playlists must have at least 30 people listening or a 1% listening rate.
  3. No fake followers: You cannot have fake followers or bots.
  4. Follow rules: Your playlists must follow their rules.
    As of current date. The application above is close. You will get notified later about this.

For the TikTok Creator

Some small process is there for them. It can be a perk for them. If you are already famous there.

  1. Least Followers: At least thirty thousand followers.
  2. Active views: A healthy number of views.
    Currently, there is a waitlist for new TikTok creators. Who wants to join playlistpush com. Like the playlist curator application. You will get informed. When positions become available.

Benefits of using Playlistpush.com

There must be some benefits to connecting to any kind of these sites. Here written some:

  1. Instant pay: You do not have to wait for your payments. You get paid right away after an approved review.
  2. Perks for famous people: If you have a famous playlist or TikTok following. It is easier to make money.
  3. Change to new artists: It can help new artists get noticed. As they upload music and get many listeners.
  4. Simple interface: The website is simple. With easy navigation and intuitive features. It makes it simple for users. To find what they are looking for. It looks good too.


Along with some pros there are some hidden sides. These might give you disappointment. Get to know to it:

  1. Hard to get accepted: People face delays in enrollment. They may find it takes a lot of time.
  2. Hard word: You have to work harder to earn money. As compared to other sites. You need to stay active to check the progress. Also link with the trends. So more people can connect to you.
  3. No mobile app: As it is easy to use on the phone. But there is no app for mobile devices.

Is Playlistpush .com Legal or not ?

Yes, PlaylistPush is a genuine way for creators to make money. But getting accepted is not simple. It can be a legit way for musicians to earn some extra money. It is a big place online for promoting music on Spotify. With over 4,000 playlists, where you can add your songs. These playlists can reach up to 150 million listeners. Lots of independent artists use playlistpush com to share their music. They might get noticed. It might be worth considering. If you are looking to spread your music to a wider audience and earn some cash. Only remember, it might take time to start earning money, so do not give up too soon.

Playlistpush.com Jobs

What’s unique about this platform is their ability and opportunity to hire the best talent out there with the help of their playlist push careers portal. They do post requirements directly over their webpage with job description, qualification, educational requirements, and other factors. So, if you know someone who can match their required profile then, do recommend playlistpush.com jobs portal.

Sum up

Playlist Push is a big platform. Used for promoting music on Spotify. As lots of artists use it to earn money. It can be a legal source to earn money. One can earn along with other tasks. But it is hard to get in. Also there are lots of people applying. So it might take a long time for them to accept you. If you want to make money fast, you can try other ways to earn money while you wait. But if you want to help new artists. You can sign up for their Spotify playlist maker or TikTok creator program now. That way, you can still make some money while supporting new musicians. But it might not happen right away. If you keep trying, you may get there at last.

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