July 22, 2024

VyVyManga: Extensive Collection of Manga

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There people who like reading comic books and graphic novels of Japan. This collection called Manga. If you like Manga then you can avail it from offline stores. Incase you don’t have time to buy the books then there is solution. There is online manga reading website which is “vyvymanga”. Here you can read many genres on your device. 

Overview Of VyVyManga

VyVyManga is an online reading platform. Here this website provides readers a platform where they could find the collection of manga. Users of manga websites could find their favorite Japanese comic books or graphic novels. We are going to cover several topics like its sign up process, sign in, features, and etc. To know more about this platform you can keep reading this article below:

Sign Up Process

If you are interested in this platform then you have to sign up here first. For you we have written all the steps below which you can follow to complete signup process:

Open Web Browser

For signup on this online reading website you have to open a web browser. You can use any web browser which you like, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Type the Name of Platform in Search Bar

After opening the web browser you have to type the official website name in the search bar. After entering the name you need to press the enter button of your keyboard.

Locate the Website

In the third step you have to locate the website on the search engine result page. 

Open Website

After locating the website you have to click on the VyVyManga to open it. After opening this reading website you will land on the homepage of it.

Locate Sign Up Option

Once you land on the homepage you have to find the “signup” option.  

Click on Sign Up Option

Right after locating the sing up option you have to click on it. When you click on it a signup form will appear on the screen of your device.

Enter Your Required Details

In the Sign up form you have to enter your required details. You have to set username and password, and provide email.

Verify the details

Now you have to check the option of “I’m not a robot.”

Click on Register Option

In the end you have to click on the Register option to complete the signup process. When you click on the option a dialogue box will appear with a confirmation message.

Sign In Process

Now if you want to sign in on the portal then you have to follow some steps. Below we have mentioned the straightforward steps:

Follow Few Sing Up Steps

For doing Sing in on the portal you have to follow some sign up steps. You have to follow the 2nd to 5th step which we provided in the above section.

Locate Sign In Option

Now you have to locate the sign in option. You can find it just next to the sign up option.

Click on Sign In 

After locating the sign in option you have to click on it.

Enter Your Details 

In this step you have to enter your details which you filled in the sign up process. It includes your username and password. You can also enter your email id instead of username. 

Mark the Checkbox

In the fifth step you have to tick the tick in the checkbox below your details. It will verify that you are not a robot.

Click on Login

In this final step you have to click on the “LogIn” option. Once you hit login then you will get logged in on the portal.

Recovering the Lost Password

If you are facing an issue in login because you forget your password then you can follow some steps. You can follow below written steps to reset your password of this online reading website:

Follow starting steps of Sign In Process

For resetting your password you have to follow the first three steps of the “Sign In” process. 

Locate “Lost your password?”

In this step you have to find out the “Lost your password?” option. You can find it just below the “I’m not a robot” option.

Click On  “Lost your password?” Option

Now you have to click on  “Lost your password?” option. 

Provide Username or Email ID

A box will appear in which you have to enter your username or email ID. 

Check the “I’m not a robot” option

Next you have to check the  “I’m not a robot” option. 

Click on “Get New Password”

In this step you have to click on “Get New Password”.

Reset Through your gmail

A link will be generated and you will receive it in your email. From that link you will be able to reset your password.

Functionalities Of VyVyManga


There could be several benefits of this online comic reading website. We have written some of the best features below which it can have:

User-Friendly Interface

This online comic and graphic novel reading website has a user-friendly interface. Users may find no difficulty to access the library of this platform.

Huge Library

This online reading platform of manga has a huge library of different genres. Some of the genres are:

  1. Adult
  2. Adventure
  3. Anime
  4. Comedy
  5. Comic
  6. Drama
  7. Fantasy and many more.

According to interest users may be able to do genre based filtering for reading.

Seamless Reading Experience

This platform also claims to provide a seamless reading experience. It is possible through its bookmarking features. With this users may know about their reading progress. 

Community of Reader

This reading website for manga also supports the manga community. With this manga community readers can connect with each other. They can also connect with manga readers who have the same genre interest.

Regular Update Manga Website Library

This Manga Website regularly updates manga’s library. This reading platform adds new chapters in manga. 


In conclusion, we have talked about manga. That is a form of Japanese comic books and graphic novels. It has gained global popularity. VyVyManga is an online book reading platform which could be beneficial for users. This online reading platform with community features and other enhanced reading experience.

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