July 22, 2024

Vladislava Galagan: Height, Net worth, Social Media, Biography

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Vladislava Galagan

It becomes hard to survive in today’s hectic world. It is necessary to maintain good health. It is very important to be mentally fit with physical fitness. we will talk about popular in western countries not only for her muscular physique but also for her beauty as well Vladislava Galagan. She is Only Fans model also. Today through this article we will talk about her Height, biography, net worth, social media influencer and fitness model. 

Vladislava Galagan Biography

Vladislava Galagan

Vladislava was born in Temryuk, Russia in 1997, She has turned 26 years old. She is also famous as She-Hulk. Her current location is Prague. She likes doing Gym for maintaining her physique. She has learnt mixed-martial arts. She has also interest in modeling. Her profession is Bodybuilding. Her Ethnicity is Russian. Her religion is Christianity. Her parents and details are not found in research. Her zodiac sign is Aries  She has become a famous personality at a very young age. Just at the age of 16 she joined a Gym. She resembles Kendall Jenner’s sibling that’s why she is also referred to as Kendall Jenner of bodybuilding.

Vladislava Galagan Physical Appearance

Vladislava Galagan physical appearance

Vladislava galagan height is 5 feet 9 inches. Her weight is around 80 kg. Her hair and eye color are brown.


Vladislava Galagan Early Life

early life

When Vladislava was around 16-17 years old she had also worked as head banquet waiter at Restaurant Beluga for five months. She also worked as a private tutor. At an early age she got interested in going to the gym, She was the first sprinter but she was not the fastest one which also inspired her to work on her fitness.

She is focusing on participating in bodybuilding competitions, for that she is preparing too hard. She has also attempted a few tries to make debut in bodybuilding competition, but she failed due to her health issues. She started preparing for 2023 in November. After health issues and failure attempts she has now made a structured program, so that she can do bodybuilding without any problem and complications. She is using nutrition, supplements, and she is also getting training from experts to prepare her body to make her stage appearance. 

Vladislava Education

As per our research Galagan is an intelligent girl. She has completed her studies from different places in her young age. She started her school learning from Municipal Art School where she studied Fine Arts. She studied there for three years from 2010 to 2013. After that she got admission in American University of Bulgaria, where she studied Teaching English as a second or Foreign Language. After that, she studied at the International Centre of Modern Education, then she studied at SUNY Empire State College, and at last she studied at the University of New York in Prague.

Vladislava Galagan Professional

Vladislava career started when she decided to join the gym. All the things started when she was talking with her ex-boyfriend on the phone. They were just browsing the images of models and that time After that she followed strict diet plans and structured daily routines for her physique.

She has learnt mixed martial arts, with kickboxing and jiu-jitsu which formed the foundation of her MMA training. In her career she has achieved several things which are commendable, but the achievements are not about her personal victory, she has also inspired others to work harder for their passion and goal.  She has an inspiring journey and people who got influenced by her got motivation to pursue their passions.

Vladislava Galagan Family

We tried our best to collect information about Galagan’s family. But we did not find any details about her family. She has not shared information about her family on any official and reliable platform. Therefore her father and mother’s name is unknown and whether she has siblings or not is also not clear.


Vladislava is not married yet. We have done lots of research about her and her relationship status but we have not found any information which says that she is in a relationship. Therefore we can assume that she is single. But, earlier She was in a relationship with a guy with whom she was on call when she decided to go to the gym. Her relationship status is probably ‘single’.

Vladislava Galagan Net Worth 

According to our research Vladislava Galagan’s net worth is approximately 1.5 million US dollars. The source of her earnings are different. She earns from her website where she offers the fitness coaching, she also earns from her social media, many people follow her. She is also on OnlyFans which can be another source of her earning. She earns money from bodybuilding contests. She also does brand sponsorships .

Vladislava Galagan Social Media

social media

She is active on different social media platforms. She has a huge fan following on social media. Below you can find the details of her different social media account:

  • X(Twitter): Vladislava is on X(Twitter), you can find her on X by this username vladigalagan. She has 111.6K followers on her X account. She joined X in December 2022. She posted about her fitness.
  • Instagram: She has her social media account on Instagram as well. Her username is vladigalagan. She has posted more than 184 posts on her account and she has around two million followers As per 08/may/2024. In her bio she has mentioned about her training app for fitness, the name of the app is vgal.fit. Like X, here also she posts her videos and photos of going to the gym.
  • Facebook: She has also created her facebook account, you can search for her by this username vladigalagan. She has seventeen thousand followers there.
  • TikTok and YouTube: Her TikTok ID is vladigal_offical
  • youtube channel username is @vladigalagan.

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